Port of Bastion


Bastion represents the perseverance of humans and their tenacity to bring civilization to the savage Southern Coast. Nearly three hundred ago the entire Southern Coast was destroyed when the caldera around Broken Spear Mountain erupted. It was in that moment that a priest prayed for his god to intervene. The chances were slim but his god heard his prayers and the people found themselves transported to safety. Decades pasted and people began to explore the Southern Coast and the first community was formed in a place called Deepwater Bay The community quickly grew nd the people decided to name the community the Port of Bastion. Since its founding, it has been razed repeatedly by inhuman creatures from the north but continually rose, like the phoenix, from the ashes of its own destruction. Today the city is ruled by a Lord Mayor, Lord Reagent, the Knight Commander the Council of Lords from the Labor Guilds. From the shadows, the Watchers, a criminal organization , work against them and the militia that struggles to keep the city’s peace.

Bastion has grown rich from trade with the untamed wilds to the north. Those seeking their fortunes flock to Bastion before adventuring out into the deep forest, the mysterious inland sea, and the haunted – demon infested Broken Spear Mountain that still simmers to this day. But even the city itself has its share of dangers and secrets. Somewhere within Bastion or the surrounding wilderness heroes may find just what it is that they need, adventure.

Bastion is named after the Priest Sebastion who saved most of the people during the eruption of Broken Spear Mountain by his faith and prayers. The current population is about 10,000 (8,000 within the city plus 2,000 in outlying farms and homesteads).

The Beginning

Bastion was founded after the eruption of Broken Spear Mountain and the collapse of the southern coast, about ten years after Gulden was reestablished. However, after a major earthquake where Gulden was destroyed and ultimately sink into the sea, Bastion was merely leveled. The residents of Bastion simply brushed themselves off and rebuilt. This would be a recurring theme with Bastion. More often than not, new construction would be performed atop old. A number of sinkholes and collapsed structures have happened and sometimes they have open into a hidden chamber. A number have been discovered in the ruins of Old Bastion; sometimes with buried riches and sometimes with creatures of darkness.

Recent History

In recent times an invasion known as the Orc Run swept out of the north western Mountains and fell upon Bastion. As a result, Bastion was once again laid to waste. As always, Bastion rebuilt. Decades prior to this, a pair of Red Dragon, people called Fire and Ashas would burn the City to the ground. Later their lair would be discovered and they were defeated by a group of adventurers. After their defeat, work began on rebuilding Bastion. Progress was slow, but steady. Bastion would know over ten years of peace before the Orc Run. In the ensuing attacks, Bastion was decimated. The city was rebuilt within half a decade, the city’s previous system of rule was replaced by the dictatorship of Kyron Law. Kyron’s rule would end up saving the city, however. During the Great Orc Run, Kyron’s strict rule and command would be ultimately allow the City to hold off the orc horde. The Great Orc Run swept over the lands in the north led to an influx of refugees into Bastion. Years later, Kyron’s grandson, Dorathan Law, had inherited the Throne. Dorathan was a pampered noble, a paranoid and ineffective ruler. His paranoia did lead to a peace between the citizens of Bastion and the orcs that has held till today.

Bastion Today

Fifty years ago the Dorathan died unexpectedly. He left no heir, so the Council of Lords was reformed with the Lord Mayor, Lord Regent, Knight Commander, and the leaders of the Laborer Guild. Shortly after Dorathan’s death, his family manor was looted and burned. A blackened husk remains, and is currently being renovated by a priestess of Ariel. Crime is run by a group called the Watchers, they watch from the shadows controlling anything that is not done in the light of day. Bastion has grown rich from trade with the untamed wilds to the north. Those seeking their fortunes flock to Bastion before adventuring out into the wilds.

Port of Bastion

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